The importance of choosing a reliable logistics company for your eCommerce business

Running an eCommerce business is like getting a daily crash course in supply chain management.

To succeed, you must establish an unstoppable eCommerce logistics process that seamlessly transitions orders from your online store to products in the customer’s hands in a few short days. All without breaking or losing the merchandise and simultaneously delivering an outstanding customer experience.

Whew! That’s a tall order.

Luckily, there’s an antidote to supply chain madness. Logistics companies offer inventory management as well as logistics management, shouldering the burden of stock storage and order fulfilment. That allows you to focus on growing your business.

The right logistics company can become your partner in navigating your eCommerce supply chain, managing your fulfilment services, and meeting customer expectations.

Here’s how:

Time savings

Order fulfilment can be a time-consuming chore. Merchandise receipt and stock organisation can require days to complete correctly. But a logistics partner ticks those tasks off your to-do list for you.

Comprehensive logistics companies offer support on every step of your merchandise’s journey, including:

  • Fully Managed Warehousing Services
  • Container Receipting
  • Stock Barcoding
  • Pick and Pack
  • Next Day / Economy Parcel Services
  • Reworking Returns / Reverse Fulfilment
  • Disposal

Let’s face it: as a business owner, you don’t have time to focus on merchandise intake and order fulfilment. Logistics companies handle the inventory management and the fulfilment process for you, giving you more time to market, sell, and grow.

Cost savings

You may think partnering with a logistics operations service would be too expensive for small online retailers. But a good logistics provider can save you money.

Poor inventory management is costly. Orders lost or damaged en route to the customer require replacement, often at a hefty cost to you. Those lost or damaged orders cost you time, too, in tracking them down and finding answers for your customers.

A comprehensive logistics partner will offer a warehouse management system that handles your stock from intake to shipping. They’ll prioritise damage-free delivery while still offering satisfactory delivery speed. Top logistics companies know that efficient logistics and a sound inventory management system keep your merchandise safe and save you money.

But perhaps the most damaging cost of replacing a customer’s order is your reputation. The logistics industry isn’t always popular with customers who have experienced poor delivery services from some in the logistics sector, which brings us to…

Customer satisfaction

A positive customer experience is one of the most powerful sales tools you have in your belt. Studies find that 71% of shoppers will turn to a competitor if they have a poor delivery experience with an eCommerce brand. But you can offer a seamless delivery experience by partnering with an eCommerce supply chain expert.

You’ve spent time, money, and effort converting your leads into sales; a reliable delivery company can help establish them as returning customers.

Safety and professionalism

When considering which delivery partner is right for you, remember that the delivery personnel who make the delivery represent your business to the customer.

The right logistics company will employ professional, friendly delivery experts. They’ll prioritise safety and a damage-free delivery experience. Plus, they’ll exceed expectations to help your customers assemble and unwrap their purchases and remove any packing or waste materials at the end of the delivery.

If you’re looking for a UK logistics company that understands eCommerce logistics and puts customer service at the heart of every delivery, look no further than Domestic Distribution.

We have almost two decades of experience offering damage-free deliveries to retail clients and their customers throughout the UK. Our 3PL warehouse and delivery teams are consummate professionals dedicated to giving your customers a friendly, positive delivery experience that will translate to repeat business for your eCommerce brand.

Check out our services or get a quote to see how a reliable delivery service can benefit your customer experience and company growth.

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