Minimise Downtime: Strategies For An Efficient Office Move

Moving to a new office is incredibly exciting.

It’s an opportunity for a fresh start for your business and can open doors you never thought possible.

However, the prospect of physically moving your company and employee belongings can be seriously daunting.

Don’t let the stress of the looming move take away from your focus on what’s next for your business or your team’s ability to continue working throughout the move.

Let’s explore how you can minimise downtime during relocation so you can still maximise productivity despite the disruptions.

Tips for a successful office relocation

To keep business operations running smoothly during an office move, you must make a conscious effort to prioritise the mental space of your employees and ensure they still have access to the necessary resources they need to complete their work efficiently.

It’s essential to go in with a plan before you pack up so much as your office stationery to avoid confusion and frustration down the line.

Let’s dive in.

1. Research a reliable delivery service

Before you start boxing things up, research a trusted delivery company that can safely transport everything from office furniture to valuable electronics.

Once you have the logistics securely planned, you can then organise to pack things up. This way, you can get the job done in one go, meaning your space will remain clear and presentable for meetings and ensures your team won’t be stuck without something they need already packed up in one of several potential boxes.

2. Encourage communication

Ensure everyone is in the loop on the logistics of the move.

Every team member should clearly understand timelines when everything needs to be out of the current space and when they can set up in the new office.

It’s also vital to ensure all important office supplies are accounted for, and their whereabouts are documented so they don’t get misplaced during the move.

Try to maintain a calm and supportive environment so team members don’t feel overwhelmed and can continue with their work while helping with the relocation when needed.

3. Arrange two-man delivery of larger items

Spare your team the manual handling training and instead leave it up to the professionals.

Opt for a logistics company that offers two-man delivery of heavy or delicate items to avoid damage to your property and protect your employees’ physical health.

Another top tip is to see if they offer an assembly service, too. This will save you lots of time when you get into your new space, allowing you to settle in immediately so you can get back to work right away.

Need a little help making your office move a breeze?

When you partner with a professional delivery company, you can make moving your office to a new location a stress-free experience.

At Domestic Distributions, we’re committed to providing excellent service to our customers across the UK, delivering your office belongings on time and without damage.

Get a delivery quote today before your big move.

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