How to prevent damage to your
furniture delivery

If you’re selling furniture online, you know that reliable delivery services are vital to the success of your business. Damaged goods lead to a damaged reputation, and as an eCommerce company, your online reputation is a critical asset. If unhappy customers post online about the broken furniture they received, they’ll influence everyone in their social circle.

But furniture is notoriously tricky to deliver because it’s heavy and cumbersome. Damaged furniture is costly to replace, and even a tiny knick in the wrong place can cause the entire furniture piece to be scrapped.

Below we’ll explore how you can achieve express delivery that also protects your furniture products.

Potential snags in your furniture delivery

Due to its weight and sometimes unwieldy size and shape, furniture presents unique delivery problems. To understand how to address furniture delivery problems, you first need to understand what can go wrong.

Incorrect storage

Furniture pieces not stored properly are subject to water damage, mould, scratches, and more. It’s easy for water and damp to creep into even well-wrapped furniture, causing unsightly water stains, but that’s not the worst part. Moisture can deteriorate the wood in your furniture, making it unstable and unsafe for sale.

If furniture is stored in a space that’s too small or cramped, it will likely rub against other furniture pieces. This increases the likelihood that it will become scratched or broken, and you can’t sell scratched or broken products. 

Shifting in transit

When you transport furniture, you risk damaging it in transit. As items shift about in the back of the delivery van, it’s easy for them to grind against the side of the van or another piece of furniture. Bumps in the road can cause items to bump and tumble en route to their destination. In all the commotion, even a well-wrapped furniture delivery can become damaged.

Cutting delivery corners

Even if your furniture arrives at its destination unscathed, it isn’t necessarily out of the woods. Careless delivery personnel can endanger your products. Even worse, they could cause damage to your customer’s home, for which you would be liable.

How to avoid furniture courier problems

You can minimise the risk of giving your customers damaged products by taking simple steps and working with a reputable furniture courier service. Here’s what we recommend.

Keep it under wraps

The first step in ensuring your furniture stays safe, sound, and saleable until it’s in situ in the customer’s home is to wrap it well. Your furniture should have several layers of protective wrapping, each applied in the correct order, so you don’t damage the finish by putting an adhesive product directly on the surface.

From warehouse to van to delivery, quality furniture wrapping will help mitigate potential risks to your furniture delivery.

Choose a solid warehouse

A damp-proofed and spacious warehouse goes a long way to keeping your furniture safe. Look for a warehouse that offers temperature and humidity controls and is secure enough to keep your products from theft. Your warehouse should also have plenty of room for large furniture pieces so that no item is crammed against another.

Work with an experienced furniture courier

Specialist furniture removal company is your best line of defence in keeping your furniture safe. Low cost courier services may look like a bargain, but they’ll cost you more in replacing furniture and losing word-of-mouth referrals than you’ll save. Only consider furniture delivery companies.

There’s a better way to courier furniture

Working with a trustworthy furniture courier is an investment in happy customers and repeat business. At Domestic Distribution, we pride ourselves on speedy-yet-careful deliveries conducted by seasoned professionals from the warehouse to the customer’s house.

Check out our 2-man delivery service, guaranteed to deliver undamaged furniture and customer satisfaction.

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