Packaging Guidelines

Packaging advice!

Mattresses/Divans MUST be double bagged for protection, we cannot offer insurance on Mattresses/Divans unless they are double bagged.

If you are re using boxes, please remove all previous labels especially bar codes, ensure the box is in a good, strong condition and not worn, damaged or in a weak state!

Ensure the contents cannot move within its box or carton!

Fragile contents should not be allowed to touch each other!

Check and re-pack items received from third party suppliers especially if you are forwarding, never assume that the packaging is sufficient for your transit needs.

Place fragile items within the centre of the packaging, ensuring sufficient cushioning is protecting the item(s) from both the sides of the outer packaging and each other.

Try and use soft cushioning material to stop contents moving!

Items marked “Handle with Care” and “Fragile” do not mean that packaging internally is sufficient!

Boxes which are over filled may burst and items under filled or with insufficient packaging may squash or crush.

Good strong quality material should be used, if you value the items then respect quality packaging such as bubble wrap, foam, etc.

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